Chemical Spill Kits and Accessories

Chemical spill kits are used for bio-hazardous liquids. Responding to chemical spills could hardly be faster or easier with our range of ever-ready kits. Chemical spill kits are filled with chemical absorbents, absorb just about any chemical, including acids and solvents.

These Hazmat spill kits are all extremely portable and highly visible because they’re bright yellow with the big label. The instruction sheet to be guide peoples to the right procedure.

If you work with dangerous goods, it is a good idea to have a full spill kit on stand by in-case of a spillage. Once a hazardous spillage has accrued, it is a top priority to get it contained and cleaned up as fast as possible to ensure safety and to prevent contamination of the environment.

Our Chemical Spill Kits offer an effective and immediate response to a broad variety of spills, from common fluids and oils to chemicals and even hazardous liquids that can be detrimentally damaging to the environment. Having Spill Kits on site is highly beneficial in the event of a spill and they allow the user to efficiently and successfully clean up spills.

The spill kits are available for 3 different applications, maintenance or everyday spills, oils and chemicals, which all contain a variety of items depending on the spill kit. It is an essential product for use around working sits, factories, workshops and warehouse​. Absorb spillages of universal liquids and oils.

Oil Spill Kits and Accessories

The best hands-on way to tackle an oil spill problem is to use an oil spill absorbing polymer kit. It will absorb any kind of oil from water without soaking up the water as they’re hydrophobic.

An oil spill kit or oil only spill kit comes in various sizes which is designed for the reach of the spilled oil and the quantity that will be required to solve the oil spill problem. The least amount of an oil spill kit that is available in the market is about ​20 liter while the maximum capacity one is of about 1100 liters

Oil only Spill Kits contents are made with white absorbents that repeal water and float on water can be used to clean up hydrocarbons, engine oil, aviation fuel, diesel, petrol, hydraulic oil, etc

Oil spills at sea are generally much more damaging than those on land, since they can spread for hundreds of miles in a thin oil layer which can cover beaches with a thin coating of oil and its harmful to marine life. These oils can kill birds, fishes and sea animals.

Oil Only Absorbents provide users with a durable absorbent for cleaning up petroleum based spills and leaks. These absorbents have proven to absorb liquids & repel water, and is effective in both industrial and environmental applications. The white PP absorbents are best way to contain during emergency spills for fast and easy clean-up.

We supply quality Spill kit products with competitive price.