One step forming polyethylene corrosive cabinet provide maximum safety storage protection for storing strong polyethylene or corrosive chemicals SYSBEL Polyethylene corrosive cabinet, with seamless structure, ensure almost no leakage, and excellent performance of corrosion resistance and secondary leakage prevention and control. Double padlocks help to achieve double-person lock management, which is in line with EPA264.175 of the U.S. EPA, OSHA29CFR1910.1450 of the U.S. OSHA and Chinese Management of Hazardous Chemicals Ordinance (December 1, 2011 edition). On the cabinet doors, there are acidic and corrosive chemical warning labels to give your chemical storage management double guarantee. Undercounter Double Door Polyethylene Corrosive Cabinet ACP80002 22 Gal storage capacity; all-plastic and no magnetic door holder design, excellent corrosion resistance; cabinet shelves can be removed according to needs to improve space utilization; on both sides of cabinet, there are two vents, can open the lid for ventilation or discharge of pressure gas when necessary; double padlock design to meet the requirements for double-person lock management. The product is CE certified.