• * Safety Luminous Anti-slip — Luminous Anti-slip tape surface with the feeling of abrasive paper, the has anti-slip properties are ideal for places like stairs and other slippery surfaces to enhance the safety of your location. The tapes improve safety of your place and help maintain high level of safety culture – thus reducing the risk of injuries and cracked bones.
  • * Improved Visibility — The lighting adhesive tape can illuminate local safe region and increase visibility at night so as to further reduce the risks of being stumbled or slipping, Safety for day and night. Such anti slip tape provides an economic and efficient way to enhance the safety of any location, no matter it is your home, any building, swimming pool, industrial park or any other similar area.
  • * Superior Quality — The grip tapes are made up of superior quality material that doesn’t easily wear or tear, and also requires negligible maintenance after installation. Also, a 16’ long roll provides sufficient coverage, thus making our grip tapes an ideal choice for you. More importantly, the tapes do not compromise aesthetics of a place yet give you considerably improved safety levels.
  • * Ease of Use — With outstanding flexibilityof Luminous Anti-slip tape  comes in 2” wide, 16’ long roll can be easily cut to appropriate sizes by using scissors to meet your custom – made requirements. As a result, it is applicable to all stairs and floors of various sizes.
  • Glow-in-Dark Stair Tape

    Demarcate your staircase with the Glow-in-Dark Stair Tape. Thanks to its anti-slip feature, this stair tape offers a stable footing space. It also has an adhesive surface that keeps the tape properly positioned and stuck to the surface. The glow-in-the-dark feature of this stair tape allows you to see the steps in the dark, preventing accidents.

    Better Visibility

    This stair tape glows in the dark, allowing you to view the path easily, even in low-light conditions. This prevents you from stumbling or slipping, keeping you safe as you go from one room to other at night.