The ultimate face shield protector standard Headgear transparent face guard visor for face and eye protection. Transparent face shield visors for headgear carriages to be used in conjuction with B-Brand Headgear system. Face shields, visor and guards are safety devices designed to protect the face from debris or other hazards. Face guard and face shields visor must provide protection from hazards but also ensure that an operator’s visibility and mobility is not hindered. Face visor, guards and shields are commonly used in metal working and forestry applications, and for operators working on grinding, or cutting machinery. Face shields, guards and visors typically cover the entire face and are secured over or around the head with an adjustable headgear carriage. A face shield, guard and visor is frequently used in medical or farming agricultural applications to protect the face and eyes from the splattering or splashing of bio hazardous fluids. A full face guard covers the entire face while a mid-face guard covers only the eyes and nose. Both provide peripheral protection by wrapping around the sides of the face. Face visors, shields and guards may be clear, tinted or metal coated. Face guard, visor and shield are composed of heavy duty thermoplastic resin or polycarbonate materials and provide face protection