Air intake valves with manual shut down combined with automatic shut down on overspeed or loss of oil(or air) pressure signal with air flow sensing design and lightweight construction they are easy to intall and low maintenance.


  • Dependable mechanical valve combining automatic overspeed shut down with shut down on loss of oil(or air) pressure and manual shut down by remote lever.
  • Can be combined with chalwyn FSX-200 fuel shut down valve to give simultaneous shut down of fuel and air
  • Can be combined with AMOT mechanical temperature sensors to also give shut down on high temperature
  • Models up to 93kw(125hp)are available with either outlet hose connection or flanged base with flametrap housing.
  • Remote lever allows engine start before oil pressure is sufficient to hold valve open.
  • TMZ range suitable for engine rating between 7.5kw(10hp)and 149kw(200hp) and intake pipe bores between 40mm(1 9/16inches)to 108mm(4 1/4inches)
  • Suitable for zones 1 and 2
  • Zinc body versions available for mining use