Ideal for floors, stair nosings, walkways and ramps or anywhere where visibility is important, our Coloured Anti-Slip Tape is a simple and quick way to improve grip safety underfoot.


Our Anti-Slip Warehouse Floor Tape is available in a standard roll width of 50mm (2″) and 18.3m long. The tape can be cut into strips of the required length making it suitable for stairs and walkways of unusual widths.


The secret to this tape’s amazing anti-slip properties is the abrasive aluminium oxide grit which provides a coarse high-grip surface, even in wet conditions. This is bonded to a Polymer substrate with a moisture resistant adhesive ensuring that the tape remains in place even when used outdoors.

Typical Applications

Coloured Anti-Slip tape is often used to provide extra grip on stair nosings, ramps and walkways, whilst being in a colour which either blends in with the surroundings (such as matching a colour scheme) or provides a more visible contrasting colour that’s less “industrial” than hazard tapes.Â